Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tyrone Tony Reed Jr. accepts his certificate for short story, "Feeding the Beast"

Never give up on your dreams and keep moving forward!!!
(Video my wife, Tajuana G. Cheshier , filmed this morning of me accepting my honorable mention certificate for my short story, "Feeding the Beast", in the Talent Among Us XIV contest, presented by Main Street Publishing, below)
Feel very honored to just have my story published in the TAU's book, "Awakenings", which collects all this year's contest entries.
I originally wasn't going to enter this contest. My heart was broken from my dad's passing and I didn't know what to write. But, then I thought about what my dad would want me to do and that he would tell me, "Keep writing, son!"
So, that's what I did. Several days after my dad's funeral, I wrote "Feeding the Beast," which I might develop into a novel or screenplay. I'm glad I wrote it.
To those out their who are fighting for their dreams, against all odds, keep on going and don't give up. God will open doors and make ways for you, but you have to do your part so God can put His supernatural with your natural.
Well, it's back to finishing up S.O.L.A.D.™ Soldiers of Light Against Darkness™ Book 2! My dad's birthday is Sunday, April 26 and it would make me so happy if I can have my first official draft of Book II done by then. So please check in with me some time this week and ask me "How's the book coming", just like he would do.
Tyrone Tony Reed Jr.
a believer in God-given dreams and never giving up!!!
P.S. To keep up on what I'm working on, check out my author page, follow me on Twitter @TyroneTonyReed, and "like" my Facebook page, Soldiers of Light Against Darkness™.

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