The Story

What would you do if you were the only person who could save a world overrun by demons?

Kevin Edwards and Juanita Grayson have reached a critical point in their lives. Not only has their relationship ended as they prepare to graduate from high school, but they still love each other and have found no clear-cut solution on how to reconcile.

But things get worse after they are transported to a world ruled by demons and are told by Wiseman J, leader of the rebellion against the demonic horde, that they have been chosen to save the world.

Absolutely sure they are not dreaming and having no way t quickly return home, Kevin and Juanita are each given a ring that transforms them into the super-powered beings Angelo™ and Angeline™: Soldiers of Light Against Darkness™.

Angelo and Angeline easily best the demons they encounter on their first mission. But when the powerful entity known as the Demon Master learns of the new heroes’ arrival, he unleashes an army of strong , super-powered demons to kill the heroes.

Aided by Wiseman J’s niece Melanie, a kind-hearted and dependable young woman and Wiseman J’s mentee Jeff: Ward of Law, who was Dark Earth’s legendary hero before the S.O.L.A.D.’s arrival, Angelo and Angeline work towards accomplishing their ultimate goal: ending the Demon Master’s evil reign.

As the war rages on, the young heroes come face-to-face with their morality, humanity, spirituality and destinies.

If Kevin and Juanita want to save the people of Dark Earth and ensure they get back home alive, they will have to embrace the light and fight, while unlocking the secrets of their shocking connection to the Demon Master.

What would you do if you were the only person who could save a world overrun by demons?

Would you run and hide?

Or would you stand and fight as a Soldier of Light Against Darkness?

Find out in this exciting and compelling tale of love, war, secrets, revelations, hope, perseverance, purpose and destiny. 

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