Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Dream Achievers Edition of the West Tennessee Examiner

 The West TN Examiner Dream Edition

Here's what hard work, determination and people having faith in your God-given abilities will get you: an INCREDIBLE, AMAZING publication: The West Tennessee Examiner: Dream Achievers Edition!

I was tasked with interviewing several outstanding African Americans who have achieved their dreams and are pursuing so much more.

As I interviewed each of them, I was encouraged and inspired to pursue the dreams God has placed in my heart even more.

I truly hope others are inspired and encouraged also as they read the bios of how these individuals pushed through the circumstances and obstacles they have faced and achieved their dreams.

Thank you Mr. Bill Marable, publisher/owner of The West Tennessee Examiner, for this wonderful opportunity and thanks to all of the interviewees for allowing me to share a glimpse of the amazing stories you all have.

So, please, read this amazing, interactive, online magazine (just click on the media above), share it with everyone you know and if you live in West Tennessee, be sure to pick up a FREE physical copy of this edition tomorrow (Thursday).

Let's celebrate Black History this month and every month!

Enjoy, share and discuss!
Tyrone Tony Reed Jr.

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