Juanita Grayson


Also an honor student who is weeks away from graduating from a high school in Memphis, Tennessee, Juanita is smart, disciplined and has a heart for others.

Juanita regrets breaking Kevin's heart, but she has several things to work out within herself before she can have a relationship with him again.

The first issue is that she wants to find her real parents. While she loves her adoptive parents, Memphis Police Chief Marcus Grayson and his wife Darlene, she wants answers about who she is from her birth parents. While her adoptive parents have forbid her from trying to search for them, Juanita has already started her search online.

The second issue is the late Carmen Phillips, the first person to break Kevin's heart. While Kevin and Carmen's relationship ended long before Juanita and Kevin started theirs, the hurt Carmen caused Kevin to trickle into his relationship with Juanita. When Carmen died in a fire and Kevin mourned her death like she was the love of his life, Juanita decided that she did not want to live in the shadow of a ghost.

Last, but not least, she has been having terrifying nightmares about another world. Maybe it's because Kevin tells her about his. But, maybe, just maybe, it's something else that will change her life forever.

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