Kevin Edwards


A honor student and weeks away from graduating from a high school in Memphis, Tennessee, Kevin is smart, funny, loves superheroes and is called "a Teddy bear" by most of the girls at his school. 

While his last months of high school should have been happy ones, Kevin has spent them wondering why Juanita Grayson, his best friend since he was a little boy and until recently, girlfriend, abruptly broke up with him. She gave him no reason and said only that they were taking a break, which he never wanted.

Kevin's heart has been broken before, but Juanita was the one person he thought would never hurt him, especially after everything he went through in his previous relationship with an older woman.

And then there are the nightmares that plague him. Kevin can no longer blame the nightmares on horror movies, which he hasn't watched since he was little, or the late night snacks, which he occasionally indulges in. 

No, the nightmares are something else. Something that's calling him to his destiny...

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