Monday, July 9, 2012

Author of S.O.L.A.D.™ To Be Interviewed Live Tomorrow

Just a reminder:

I will be interviewed about my new novel S.O.L.A.D.™: Soldiers of Light Against Darkness™ ( on "6 in the City" Tuesday, July 10 (tomorrow).

It will air LIVE at 2 p.m. (Central) on EPlusTV Channel 6 in Jackson, Tenn. and LIVE online at (click on the live streaming button on the bottom right hand side). So anyone, anywhere can see it!

If you can't watch it live, it will be replayed and you can go to after the show airs for the replay schedule. Anytime it is replayed, you can watch it on TV (if you live in Jackson, Tenn.) or online at

So mark your calendars and tell everyone you know to tune in and learn more about the novel.

Don't miss it and don't wait to get your Kindle edition of S.O.L.A.D.™. Click the link below and get your copy now!

S.O.L.A.D.™ is the story of Kevin Edwards and Juanita Grayson, who are transported to Dark Earth, a world overtaken by demons and an evil being known only as the Demon Master.

Chosen to deliver the people of Dark Earth, Kevin and Juanita are each given a ring that transforms them into super-powered beings called Angelo™ and Angeline™: Soldiers of Light Against Darkness™.

As the war against the Demon Master rages on, the young heroes come face to face with their mortality, humanity, spirituality and destinies.

If Kevin and Juanita want to save the people of Dark Earth from evil and get back home alive, they will have to embrace the light and fight, while discovering their frightening connection to the Demon Master.

This Christian paranormal fantasy has metaphors about life and is filled with action, adventure, love and realizing one’s purpose and destiny.

I'm so excited! I thank God for this blessings (and the others to come) and thank you for your support!

P.S. The hardcover edition of S.O.L.A.D.™ will be released later this year!

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