Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Section Available on the Official Blog of S.O.L.A.D.™

A new section has been created where you will find reviews of S.O.L.A.D.™ from people who got to read the book in advance of its official release.

More will come, but here's the first one...

"I LOVED this book!
The characters are easy to relate to, the action is suspenseful and thrilling, and the story is so captivating.
I found myself recognizing my faults and excuses in the actions of the main characters. And, through their struggles and growth, I realized I could also recognize my strengths.
This is one of those books that, once read, makes the reader want to change the world.
If you've ever felt like things are hopeless, you need to read this book.
If you've ever felt like a nothing, you need to read this book.
If you've ever told yourself that God can't use you to make a difference, you need to read this book."

-Ashley Morris Holzhausen

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